In the beginning. Retrospect

There was an uproar about local musicians/artist being stepped on to further the goals of others. Instead of looking at the negative we saw a positive. An idea of to honor the local talent came forth. In this discussion it was decided that there was a place for a festival that would provide local talent to conglomerate in a two day festival. This fest would have no genre barriers and it would display the tremendous amount of growing and past talent.

There is something in the water an hour or so North of Nashville. From the Southern Kentucky bands have continually risen:

The Everly Brothers
The Kentucky Headhunters
Black Stone Cherry
Nappy Roots
Cage The Elephant
Sam Bush
Chris Carmichael
Athena Cage

Is it pure geography, I will never know but you can step into Tidball’s (local bar) and hear music better than any on the radio station. Wouldn’t it have been great to step back in time and been able to say “I saw that band when they were just starting?” Someone has been able to say that for all the greats. Once upon a time all good things had a beginning. So here we were all ribbed up about a music festival that had no money and no venue. WHAT TO DO> > >


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