Concert Review: Canago, 6-21-13

Canago performed an intimate show at Tidball’s in Bowling Green this past Friday.  The only band performing that night, their set lasted for almost 2 hours; the ultimate bar show for hardcore Canago fans and first-timers alike!

Canago takes the stage.

When I arrived, guitarist Robbie Neighbors was warming up by playing along with the tunes on the jukebox such as Beck’s “Loser” and Steppenwolf”s “Magic Carpet Ride.”  Incorporating his own musical style to the popular songs was a preview of the great things to come.

Canago took to the stage at 11pm kicked things off with the title track from their latest album Fun; a pleased audience gathered and started to dance.

[Canago] has a funky jam feel, and you can dance to it!

-Fan, Jake Franks

As with a lot of shows in our area, the audience was slow to stand at the very front of the stage… Why do we as music lovers do this? I guess we don’t think we can handle all of the awesome until we have some drinks in our system. Anywho, the fans got over this custom when Canago performed “Oh! Australia,” a long-time favorite and a dance floor was created.

Members of the crowd get their groove on.

Members of the crowd get their groove on.

The rest of the night was filled with a blend of funky, ethereal, and mellow sounds.  Each member having the chance to jam out.  Loyal fans of Canago always sing the band’s praises:

[drummer Chris Smith] is a monster on the drums!

-Fan, David Francis

Drummer, Chris Smith

Drummer, Chris Smith
Jason Williams on bass, illuminated by Fish's lights.

Jason Williams on bass, illuminated by Fish’s lights.

I also had the chance to meet the fellow in charge of Canago’s light show. Brandon Fish set the mood for Canago’s performance, which was both mellow and energetic (I know, opposites right?).  His lights were in sync with the guitar riffs and bass lines.  Now, I know that light shows are supposed to be in sync with the music, but Fish’s show was spot-on and very impressive, making Tidball’s feel like a large auditorium venue.  His mix of colored lights (purple, red, blue…) combined with the darkly lit room directed the audience’s attention to the stage.  In other words, Brandon Fish is not only a “light guy,” his talents are a very important part of the Canago experience, a member of the band so to speak.

The guys closed out the night with a cover of Phish’s “Maze.”  All-in-all they put on a great show with a great vibe.  If you have yet to see Canago live, you should do yourself a favor and do so!

For more information on Canago and for upcoming shows visit them on Facebook, Reverbnation, or their main web page.  As always, follow our blog for more concert reviews, local schedule, and low-quality photos! (my apologies, I only have my phone)


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