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Sappy Rebecca, remembers when

Well, here we are, one month past our first festival.  I have had every emotion possible. One month ago today I was letting our first guest in the door. They were setting up camp and we were all looking upward with one thought, “Rain, Rain, go away!” and it did. That is, it paused to allow a few of the bands play and then, it POURED!  We were very sad that Festival Day 1 excluded such great talents. Yet, I felt for the first time in all my festivals that I knew what Woodstock must have felt like. I saw the rain, the uncovered stage, and the people (blistered feet and all, but what I truly saw was FREEDOM. On Festival Day 2, the sunshine gleamed across the fields of Park Mammoth Resort. After nine months of preparation the birth of Stucky was here. I felt stress, I felt anxiety, and I giggled myself silly. In such a brief time I went from joy to tears to joy again.

We grew! As a community of artist, musicians, and patrons we reached out our unselfish hands and grasped that Southern Kentucky should lift up each other so that we are better as a whole. I felt the LOVE of our great community and for a brief second I felt I had traveled and was home. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope you felt it as well.


Blast off!

Hello Stuckers! We will be regularly updating our music blog.  Expect concert reviews, events calendar, photos and other Stucky related posts!