Who We Are

You’re probably wondering how we came up with the name Stucky…  Southcentral Kentucky!

Stucky Music Group is a non-profit organization which works to raise money for the Son Rhea Foundation.

We organized the first annual Stucky Music Festival which took place in Park City, Kentucky, on May 17th and 18th.  We were host to 25 regional bands at the beautiful Park Mammoth Resort.

It is the goal of SMG to promote and celebrate our music scene here in southcentral Kentucky, but not ignoring Kentucky as a whole or our neighbor to the south, Tennessee.

SMG is not just about throwing a music festival.  We are proud to sponsor and coordinate other events such as concerts at local venues, the Stucky Zombie Run, and the booKY bash (both to take place in October 2013).

The money generated during our events goes to help Son Rhea as well as to fund more events for our community.

  1. Stucky Music Festival was GREAT! Lines In the Sky was honored to be a part of the inaugural lineup, and we hope to continue to be a part of this organization as well as the festival!

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