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Thursday, July 25th



Barnaroo 2, Saturday, July 20 @ Houchens Park Pavilion in Glasgow

Barnaroo 2, Saturday, July 20 @ Houchens Park Pavilion in Glasgow

Featuring Pennyrilers, Outhouse Etiquette, From the Barn, Cameron Whitman, & Mark Whitley Band

6/28/13: The Hungry Ears / Chest Rockwell / Jo’shua Odine

Reggae, experimental, progressive, modern, new wave… just a few words to describe the sounds and Tidball’s last Friday night.  Bowling Green’s The Hungry Ears and Chest Rockwell performed along with Nashville’s Jo’shua Odine.

Unfamiliar with the music of Jo’shua Odine, I did some research (I asked THE’s Cindy Darst) and found out that The Hungry Ears had witnessed one of his performances and invited him to play; needless to say I went into this with virgin ears.  A few minutes before Odine’s set, two gentlemen with crocheted hats and dreadlocks began to set up, which didn’t take long as Odine only needed a mic and his beat-up acoustic guitar.

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He was joined on stage by Adam Quellhorst on electric bass and back up vocals.  I would describe their music as very laid-back, acoustic reggae, but what stood out most during their set was the way in which Odine played his six string.  He not only used his guitar as a string instrument but a percussion as well.  Using the palm of his hand, he would strike the body of the guitar with his thumb and palm as he strummed; a technique that, over time, has cracked and dented his guitar.  Damaged instruments or not,  Quellhorst and Odine were very impressive (I’m a sucker for a good bass line and love reggae – of course I loved it!).  I hope to see these guys up here again.

Next up was Chest Rockwell, a group of familiar faces to us Bowling Green “lifers.”  This July will mark their 9 year anniversary, and it showed during their tightly knit performance.  This experimental/prog rock band kept the chill atmosphere going with their ethereal instrumental numbers which would later escalate to heavier tunes and lyrics.

their rhythm section was tight… I liked the color the keyboard added… the lead guitarist added a lot…

-Dale Adams, audience member

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The crowd was definitely into it with random shouts of “hell yeah,” friendly banter with the band, and a few first-timers in the audience standing in awe of the band’s talents.  The guys debuted  their latest song, “Preparing to do Battle with the Devil,” a haunting yet dreamy song that made me wish it was Fall again.  They also performed old favorites and songs from their latest EP Weep and You Weep Alone.  You’ll be able to catch them again on August 31st in Evansville, Indiana.

Closing out the night were The Hungry Ears, the 6 member group from Bowling Green self-described as Sexy Sci-Fi New Wave Grunge.  Before they began to play the band gathered together and threw their hands into the circle as a pre-show pep cheer (I love the new phrases I come up with! Call Merriam-Webster!).

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The Hungry Ears have been around the scene with their latest lineup for a year now.  A lineup that is not your typical band line up which includes a clarinet (Melissa Mikolajczyk), two keyboards (Cindy Darst and Eric Curtis), and an Apple laptop/syth all of which contribute to the band’s multifaceted sound.  They began their set with “Sway” followed by crowd favorites “Failure to Speak” and “Spy Rock.” (bee-tee-dubs, J.D. Minor shreds the guitar solo during “Spy Rock”)

Their 7″ single of “Failure to Speak” will be out the first weekend of August!

As always, sorry for the crummy cell phone photos and if you would like to contribute to the Stucky Music Blog please hit us up!


Concert Review: Opossum Holler / Outhouse Etiquette / Roundheels

It was a rocking night to be at Tidball’s this past Thursday.  Bowling Green’s Opossum Holler and Outhouse Etiquette shared the stage with Roundheels, a three-man band from Saint Louis.  And the professional photographers of VintageQueen54 were nice enough to lend their photos!

When I arrived, Roundheels were warming up; when I heard Eric Moore on drums perform his test-run, I knew that we were in for a great night of rock ‘n roll!  The Bowling Green first-timers put on a great show and proved that Saint Louis is also home to a pool of talented musicians.

…they sound like a psychedelic Black Crowes meets Wolfmother!

-Jessica DuVall

Their high-energy performance was intensified as lead guitarist/vox, Justin Fremont, jumped off stage for his solo during their song “Swift,” about none other than Taylor swift.  The crowd was very pleased with the show and the guys had fun performing for their Bowling Green audience.

…you’re kickin’ their ass!

-Fremont tells fans during the Roundheels set on the Nashville audience vs. the Tidball’s audience

Roundheels wrapped up their set with a cover song.  Now, I am very critical when it comes to cover songs particularly Led Zeppelin covers.  As I heard the opening riff to “Livin’ Lovin’ Maid,” I was hoping for at least a good attempt at covering the iconic song…  Needless to say, I was extremely impressed by the cover!  Fremont nailed the solo and the crowd loved it!

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Next up was Opossum Holler.  As always, the guys brought their A-game.  Cranking out the psychobilly tunes, Opossum Holler had the crowd pumped as the bar-goers crowded the stage.  Lead vocals/guitarist, Lloyd Nicely’s veins on his face looked like they were about to pop as he belted out songs about Beelzebub, apparitions, and overall sinnery (I made up a new word, ma!).   Nicely was not alone with his impressive stage presence as Brad Ausbrooks picked away at his bass and Matt DeVore KILLED it on the drums!

They also performed songs from their album “What’s Done is Done” and a few newer songs, such as “Sawdust,” a song I was very impressed with.  The audience was impressed as well…

[I was thinking] damn, look at his fingers move!

-Quinna Sydnor on Nicely’s guitar playin’

The guys closed out their set with “Spider’s Kiss,” a tune which starts out with a slower tempo but ends in absolute bad-assery.  I must say that Opossum Holler is destined for great things and are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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Last, but not least, to take the stage was Outhouse Etiquette.  Anytime these guys play I always have a great time.  They have a sound similar to that of Opossum Holler that is a bit heavier and with a little more twang; twang courtesy of Cody Meek on the lap steel.  Outhouse Etiquette was the perfect band of the three that played that night to close down Tidball’s during it’s infamous penny beer night.  By the time midnight rolled around the socially-lubricated crowd was ready to take whatever these guys threw their way; gritty/raw riffs and lyrics about, well, I can’t really can’t think of a better way to describe their lyrics other than it’s going to make your granny blush… or disown you if you were to sing along 🙂

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For those who stuck around, we got to hear two new songs, “Blues Rock Blues” and “One-Eyed Snake.”  This was definitely a classic Outhouse show as members were requesting beer from the audience, Rob Needles teasing the ladies about the possibility of losing his shirt (he kept it on, sorry gals), and exchanging unpleasentries with their friends in the audience.  You can catch Outhouse Etiquette again with Thee Japanese Schoolgirls at Tidball’s on July 26th.

As always, check back with us for more reviews, pictures and show dates!  Thanks again to all the bands, fans, and to VingtageQueen54 for the awesome photos!

Mona and Buffalo Rodeo, July 10th!


Concert Review: Canago, 6-21-13

Canago performed an intimate show at Tidball’s in Bowling Green this past Friday.  The only band performing that night, their set lasted for almost 2 hours; the ultimate bar show for hardcore Canago fans and first-timers alike!

Canago takes the stage.

When I arrived, guitarist Robbie Neighbors was warming up by playing along with the tunes on the jukebox such as Beck’s “Loser” and Steppenwolf”s “Magic Carpet Ride.”  Incorporating his own musical style to the popular songs was a preview of the great things to come.

Canago took to the stage at 11pm kicked things off with the title track from their latest album Fun; a pleased audience gathered and started to dance.

[Canago] has a funky jam feel, and you can dance to it!

-Fan, Jake Franks

As with a lot of shows in our area, the audience was slow to stand at the very front of the stage… Why do we as music lovers do this? I guess we don’t think we can handle all of the awesome until we have some drinks in our system. Anywho, the fans got over this custom when Canago performed “Oh! Australia,” a long-time favorite and a dance floor was created.

Members of the crowd get their groove on.

Members of the crowd get their groove on.

The rest of the night was filled with a blend of funky, ethereal, and mellow sounds.  Each member having the chance to jam out.  Loyal fans of Canago always sing the band’s praises:

[drummer Chris Smith] is a monster on the drums!

-Fan, David Francis

Drummer, Chris Smith

Drummer, Chris Smith
Jason Williams on bass, illuminated by Fish's lights.

Jason Williams on bass, illuminated by Fish’s lights.

I also had the chance to meet the fellow in charge of Canago’s light show. Brandon Fish set the mood for Canago’s performance, which was both mellow and energetic (I know, opposites right?).  His lights were in sync with the guitar riffs and bass lines.  Now, I know that light shows are supposed to be in sync with the music, but Fish’s show was spot-on and very impressive, making Tidball’s feel like a large auditorium venue.  His mix of colored lights (purple, red, blue…) combined with the darkly lit room directed the audience’s attention to the stage.  In other words, Brandon Fish is not only a “light guy,” his talents are a very important part of the Canago experience, a member of the band so to speak.

The guys closed out the night with a cover of Phish’s “Maze.”  All-in-all they put on a great show with a great vibe.  If you have yet to see Canago live, you should do yourself a favor and do so!

For more information on Canago and for upcoming shows visit them on Facebook, Reverbnation, or their main web page.  As always, follow our blog for more concert reviews, local schedule, and low-quality photos! (my apologies, I only have my phone)

Tidball’s Live on the Lot – June 29th


Sappy Rebecca, remembers when

Well, here we are, one month past our first festival.  I have had every emotion possible. One month ago today I was letting our first guest in the door. They were setting up camp and we were all looking upward with one thought, “Rain, Rain, go away!” and it did. That is, it paused to allow a few of the bands play and then, it POURED!  We were very sad that Festival Day 1 excluded such great talents. Yet, I felt for the first time in all my festivals that I knew what Woodstock must have felt like. I saw the rain, the uncovered stage, and the people (blistered feet and all, but what I truly saw was FREEDOM. On Festival Day 2, the sunshine gleamed across the fields of Park Mammoth Resort. After nine months of preparation the birth of Stucky was here. I felt stress, I felt anxiety, and I giggled myself silly. In such a brief time I went from joy to tears to joy again.

We grew! As a community of artist, musicians, and patrons we reached out our unselfish hands and grasped that Southern Kentucky should lift up each other so that we are better as a whole. I felt the LOVE of our great community and for a brief second I felt I had traveled and was home. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I hope you felt it as well.

Fair-Weather Kings and The Beech Benders @ Tidball’s, June 14, 2013

The Beech Benders

It’s Friday.  June 14th (sorry, Jason Voorhies). A lot of those in the Beeg have left for Bonnaroo.  But for those of us who will be enjoying our air conditioners and comfy beds, we had a special treat tonight at Tidball’s…

The doors opened at 9pm.  At first, the turn-out didn’t look promising, but as the night went on, the audience trickled in.  The Beech Benders were the first to take the stage.

Kurt Cooper – bass; Zach Tichenor – keys; David Page – drums; and Steven Page – guitar.

The sound of The Beech Benders pays homage to that of the early 60’s twang, or “surf” rock.  The guys were all smiles during their set.

“[we’re] doin’ it for fun… we play when we can.”


The group is a side project for brothers Steven and David Page; both are members of The Reneaus from Bowling Green.  However, the quartet have been making music together for a while as the four used to be roommates.

“…it was very danceable”

-Naomi Lowe, concert goer

Members of the audience found it difficult to stand still as the group rocked original tunes and covers such as the theme song from Scooby Doo and “Day Tripper” by The Beatles; concert goers Naomi Lowe and Jason Moody were dancing as if in a beach party film.


Comic by Blake Sims. Available for purchase.

Tonight also served as the release show for the Benders’ comic book and E.P. release.  The comic book, by Blake Sims, tells a story of the band’s encounter with the blood-thirsty Count Bloodenstein… Do they make it out alive? Do they beat the vampire?  You’ll have to read for yourself.  You’ll be able to catch the Beech Benders at Tidball’s again on June 29th, make sure you pick up your copy of comic which comes with a 2-track CD.

The Fair-Weather Kings


Zach Barton – guitar; Jason Williams – bass; Marcus Long – drums; Wesley Stone – vox and guitar; and Craig Brown – keys.

Closing out the night were the Fair-Weather Kings.  They kicked off the set with their popular song “Satellite Galaxies;” the harmonious whoa‘s in the beginning of the song called the rest of the audience indoors signaling that smoke break is over.  The solid rhythm section of Long and Williams paired with the 6-string melodies of Barton and Stone give the Fair-Weather Kings that sophisticated garage-rock sound made famous by bands like The Strokes in the early 2000’s; a sound made modern by the addition of Brown on the keyboard.

Wesley Stone

After speaking with the Fair-Weather Kings and their fans, I found out that Stone has a unique way of writing the lyrics to their music…  Wife Sara Stone and band mate Zach Barton describe a process that involves writing the music first, lyrics later.  A formula that has been fail-proof for the Kings.

“He’ll sing jibberish and make up lyrics that go with that jibberish.”
-Sara Stone

However, the Kings got the chance to flex their muscles during “The Righteous & The Sensless.”  Toward the middle of the song, Stone, Williams, and Long transitioned into an impressive jam session and were joined by Barton and Brown a few minutes later.  Thus further proving that Southcentral Kentucky has a lot of talent with a lot of promise.

The boys finished their set with a fun cover of “Don’t Worry By Happy,” and the audience was released on a, well, happy note.

For more information on The Beech Benders or The Fair-Weather Kings:

The Fair-Weather Kings on Facebook
The Fair-Weather Kings on Reverbnation
The Fair-Weather Kings on Bandcamp

The Beech Benders on Facebook
The Beech Benders on Reverbnation


*sorry about the poor photo quality, my smart phone ain’t too smart when it comes to the picture takin’

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